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Amanda Estill, Councilor, MA, LPC

Amanda's Accepted Insurances:

Change is possible in all of us, even when it seems like we have been stuck in place for as long as we can remember. I believe that life happens, and there are circumstances that are out of our control that can cause us great pain and difficulties. These circumstances do not have to define who we are or how we live. I believe through a therapeutic relationship people can heal and lives can be improved. Together we will work towards building a safe and comfortable environment to allow change to begin.

A therapeutic relationship is built on trust, respect, and an overall personality click between two people. I strive to learn about your talents, gifts, and expertise about yourself and your world to help you solve your difficulties. Together we will work toward finding the life you want to live.

Sue Ellen Pabst, LMSW

Sue Ellen's Accepted Insurances:

Grief comes about during any major time of change, even if that change is positive. Life can have moments of difficulty where we often feel stuck. While I do not report to have "answers" I am willing to be with you in your pain, to listen, and help you discover your own answers. I believe in your potential and your ability to discover the tools you need to change. Sometimes we just need someone to be with us as we venture to those emotional areas that seem dark and scary. I encourage you to find the person that "gets" you. If you're having difficulty in relationship/s perhaps we can find the reasons you may not be getting what you want, or find new ways of thinking about who you are, what you need, what you want. Sometimes the hardest question can be "what do I want?" After being in practice since 2003, my approach is simple, "I don't have answers" but know that you do. The most important thing for you is to find a therapist that understands you, someone you trust.Please don't stop looking for that person.


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